Yellow Gold Diamond Days Necklace Yellow Gold Diamond Days Necklace Coloured stones available to set onto your calendar month Chain lengths Yellow Gold Diamond Days Necklace
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Yellow Gold Diamond Days Necklace
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Yellow Gold Diamond Days Necklace

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Diamond days are better days.  

Orginally worn in the 1970's, this calendar necklace marked the wearer's birthday with a single diamond.  

We were inspired by this idea and have made our own RF version.  With our diamond days, select your month (30 days September, April June and November. When short February's done, all the rest have 31) add a coloured stone of your choice on a day that's special to you.  

Should you prefer to have a universal pendant (numbered 1-31) with a personal engraving instead of the month, get in touch with us here.

Jewellery is all about telling your story, so to make it a little 'extra' you can contact us and add an array of stones, you can pepper your diamond days pendant with coloured stones marking different special days.  Maybe an anniversary? A birth? Or a day that want to remember.  Start with one and add more over time.

Start your diamond story here.

Please note: as this is a bespoke piece, delivery will be within 3 weeks (good things come to those who wait).

Product Details
  • Yellow gold
  • 9ct, 14ct and 18ct gold (up to you)
  • Pendant length - 2.6cm
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