The Ed, Drilled Diamond Necklace The Ed, Drilled Diamond Necklace The Ed, Drilled Diamond Necklace The Ed, Drilled Diamond Necklace
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The Ed, Drilled Diamond Necklace
the R.F Collaboration
The Ed, Drilled Diamond Necklace


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Roxanne First x Ropes of Holland.

A joint collaboration between R.F and Lindsey with 15% of proceeds going to Age U.K.

The collection is made up of three products, all featuring laser drilled diamonds - diamonds used in fine jewellery that don’t require traditional mountings.  Designs are made without prongs or metal channels, allowing the diamond to ‘float’ or ‘dance’ when worn.

Lindsey Holland 'This collection is inspired by my mum, the worlds most diamond-friendly woman. I chose laser drilled diamonds because they're delicate, classic and can be worn in and around an existing collection. I feel so incredibly proud to stand side by side with Rocky on this. Rocky inspires me in lots of ways, but her amazing brand ethos and thoughtful nature have made this my dream collaboration.'

Rocky 'We are so excited to have worked on this collection with Ropes of Holland.  Lindsey has been a total dream to work with and definitely is a #girlsinrox for life.  We have created 3 unique pieces; a ring, earring and necklace, pieces of jewellery Lindsey wears every day.  All made in solid 14ct yellow gold. These pieces (much like the rest of our collection) are pieces for everyday, to be enjoyed always and layered with the rest of your pretty things – more is more, right?.’

Product Details
  • 14ct yellow
  • Total carat weight - 0.30cts
  • Diamond quality - G 
  • Diamond clarity - SI 
  • Total length of chain 16"
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