RXR Engagement

A jewellery designer you can trust

When it comes to bespoke commissions, there are challenges for the customer. The most common being: finding a designer who can create the piece you have pictured in your mind’s eye, often for years, insecurity over a lack of knowledge and stress over budget. The RxR partnership has you covered. You get peace of mind, abundance of creativity and costs within your control.

Rocky has partnered with Hatton Garden master craftsman Robert Glenn who has been creating fine jewellery for four decades, blending contemporary taste with traditional expertise. Robert is a veteran jewellery maker who has apprenticed under and worked with London’s best. Rocky has delighted clients with her engagement rings since 2014, turning those who create a bespoke piece with her for the first time into long term customers. Many return for beautiful wedding bands or a thoughtful anniversary gift.

Together, this brilliantly talented team is dedicated to understanding each couple’s unique needs. Rocky brings her modern day understanding of trends and creative direction so Robert can integrate it into his rare skills based in old world craft. The result for each client is a timeless piece that embodies both their skills. At Roxanne First, you can be confident that you will be understood and involved in every stage of the ring-making process.

Origin story

Roxanne First diamonds are conflict-free, sourced from reputable suppliers who are aware of labor, trade and environmental standards that must be met for ethical diamond sourcing. We know each of our suppliers and all the center stones we use in engagement rings come with a GIA certification. If you’re interested in knowing more about a particular diamond, talk to us.

The 4Cs of diamond quality

A diamond’s value is not determined by its size alone, but by a combination of the diamond 4Cs.


The term you most commonly come across when choosing a diamond. Carat is a unit of weight, but it is also usually used to refer to its size.


The cut of your diamond is different from its shape. Whether you choose a cushion, round or oval diamond, the artistry and workmanship behind the cut determines how your diamond plays with light. A well-cut diamond is unrivalled in brilliance, sparkle and fire.


Diamonds range from clear to lightly coloured. But the minute colour gradations across this range are too subtle to be noticed by an untrained eye. You can check your diamond’s D-to-Z colour grade in the GIA certificate. Because of these subtle variations, your stone is unique - no one else in the world has the exact same diamond as the one you own.


Diamonds come from the depths of the earth, where they begin as carbon exposed to massive amounts of heat and pressure. No diamond is perfectly free of tiny structural flaws called inclusions and blemishes that arise naturally, but the closer to flawless it is, the higher its value.

Our Process

Rocky and Robert personally design and handcraft each engagement ring, but the process is so much more than that. With Roxanne First, you can co-create your unique bespoke jewellery from our London Studio.


Whether you’re a boyfriend, fiancee or couple exploring your options to find the perfect ring, Rocky will spend time with you during the initial consultation to get to know you. Often, how you feel about embarking on this journey is a key inspiration for the evolution of the story behind the bespoke piece and its style. Rocky and Robert will then guide and inform you through choosing precious metals and gemstones within your budget, and a setting that’s beautiful, comfortable and wearable.


Your bespoke engagement ring will be crafted by a legacy jewellery maker with over 40 years of experience.Once we source the perfect stone and setting for you, we go back to the drawing board to design your dream bespoke piece. We work with you during this process, providing an interactive CAD (Computer Aided Design) drawing of the final design.

The design is then brought to life in gold or platinum with diamonds or the gemstones of your choice. We cast your ring using a 3D printed wax mould and then take it through a series of preparation and refinement processes. Finally, your stone is carefully set, polished and the ring is hand finished.

You are very much a part of the design story. You can visit our studio anytime during this process, to see how your ring is crafted and talk to Rocky and Robert about the design.


From the time you choose your stones and setting, your ring will be ready within 2-3 weeks. When it’s ready to take home, you will also receive a GIA certificate and a retail valuation for the stones you’ve purchased.

We keep business overheads as low as possible. Our price tag will show you that you get value where it matters most: in a gorgeous, high quality engagement ring.