Roxanne First is a London-based fine jewellery studio. Obsessively crafted in solid gold, Roxanne First's pieces are designed for everyday wear and timeless individuality.  Build your jewellery legacy, one piece at a time.

Meet Roxanne a.k.a Rocky

Our founder, Roxanne First, was born in South Africa. Her obsession with jewellery was passed on from her Italian family’s penchant for collecting and layering unique pieces. Her first jewellery memories: diving into her grandmother’s collection, sparkly-eyed. She loved the way her mom and her family carried their jewellery with an intuitive style and spontaneous flair, whether they were at home, at work or on holiday.

After working in the world of luxury retail and hospitality for a decade, Rocky left her 9 to 5 job to return to her first love: jewellery. In early 2018, she officially launched Roxanne First.

For Rocky, the perfect piece of jewellery is the one you never have (or want) to take off. And building a personal collection is the work of a lifetime. That’s why Roxanne First specialises in stackable and layerable designs made from solid gold - with each carefully selected piece becoming a part of your story. If you want to buy a trinket for the special person in your life, you’ll find heartfelt care and guidance as well as a range of exciting pieces at Roxanne First. Whether it’s our classic and perfectly designed huggie hoops, or our cool and playful rainbow collection, you can be sure it is beautifully crafted and the best part; competitively priced.

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Roxanne First Values

Ethical diamonds.  

At Roxanne First jewellery, we believe we can make a difference in the world. We only use conflict-free, ethical diamonds chosen from handpicked suppliers whom we visit personally, ensuring every piece is made from responsibly sourced materials. It helps us sleep better at night, and we know it will make the choice to buy diamonds worry-free and more rewarding for you.

Quality & trust.

Our style comes with a lot of substance. Meaning our jewellery is solid gold.  Roxanne First jewellery is not gold-plated or vermeil – every piece is carefully crafted to last forever.  Getting yourself a Roxanne First diamond feels like bringing home a new best friend. If you order online, we organise safe shipment so you’re not on the edge of your seat until you receive your gem of a package.

Female First

Roxanne First is the go-to site for the independent woman building her own legacy, piece by piece, occasion by occasion.

Jewellery is a reflection of the woman who wears it. We’re in love with the curious, strong, diverse and elegant women who inspire us to create pieces that reflect who they are. Despite all the barriers, nothing can stop the energy, determination and passion these women have to launch their ideas out into the world.

Quite simply, it’s all about the #GirlsInRox.


One of a kind, bespoke jewellery

With Roxanne First, you can co-create unique bespoke jewellery.

Future classic diamonds for the woman building her own legacy? Or a once in a life time piece for a bride-to-be?

Whether it's for you or a gift, you can be confident that you will be understood and involved in every stage of the process. 

To commission a piece, drop us a line here.