Just a few Testimonials

Rob C

“In the beginning it was a mixture of excitement that the moment had finally come, mixed with the pressure of selecting the perfect ring. Upon making contact with Roxy that pressure disappeared. I was made to feel in an instant exactly how everyone should feel, comfortable and assured I was in the right hands. As important as the decision was, I felt it was as important to Roxy. She has fantastic taste and in equal measures, an understanding of the tastes of others. The first suggestion she made is the ring that my wife wears on her finger today. I can’t thank her enough.”

James C

“Choosing an engagement ring for my fiance was overwhelming as I wanted to make sure it was truly special and would 'wow' her. Roxy was brilliant in guiding me through the process and spent so much time with me, making sure I was happy at every stage. The end result was amazing and I can't thank Roxy enough for all her incredible help.”

William S

“Roxy was truly fantastic. When I first met Roxy I had very little idea of what I wanted, or even basic knowledge of diamonds. Roxy spent a great deal of time exploring numerous different style and setting options, alongside explaining the complexity of varying diamond qualities. The end product was just perfect, my (now) wife and I love it. We subsequently asked Roxy to help with the wedding bands, and the experience was just as great - I never need to look elsewhere for my jewellery purchases from now on.”

Ronny C

“Working with Roxanne was firstly all about trust. From the point of meeting for our initial consultation I was struck by her artistic flare and knowledge. In an instant I knew she was the girl for the job. My ring was something I've always wanted and dreamt of and I knew would require the perfect setting with very specific stones to ensure it wasn't overly feminine. Following our meeting Rox sent me visuals of how she planned to set the stones, detailing the exact colours and specs. At this point it was no surprise Rox had taken my brief in stride and completely blew me away! Execution was a very straightforward process too which made it a very stress free process. I can’t thank Rox enough as my ring is everything. Roxanne First - Jeweller for life!”

Roxanne N

“After seeing Roxanne's amazing designs and meeting her in person I had the most amazing experience with her. I had a mix of pieces that were handed down to me but very outdated, scrap pieces of gold and diamonds from altering other past pieces and together we came up with such amazing pieces that are so classic but cool. She gave me breakdowns of pricing, drawings, cgi images, the lot! I felt so involved with the whole process and beyond obsessed with the new pieces and to image they were just sitting there scrap before. She's trusting and I will be using her FOREVERRR!!”

Chris R

“Finding an engagement ring is a daunting task, and I think it's safe to say I'm probably not the first guy who didn't know where to start. I was however in the fortunate position of knowing Roxy, who had actually introduced me to my 'soon to be finance' some years previously. Roxy quickly brought me up to speed on all the various styles of diamonds and settings available, until we hit upon the perfect design that I knew my then girlfriend couldn't say no to.

Roxy takes the time and effort to make it a process of discovery, to create something that is personal and unique, while you're safe in the knowledge that you are getting the best value and quality product available. Thank you Roxy, I owe you more than one”